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Successful entrepreneurs spend most of their time doing the parts of work they love, the stuff that inspired them to start their business in the first place. They avoid getting bogged down in tedious minutia. They know how to stay creative and light on their toes. They maintain a birds’-eye view of the business so they can see the forest for the trees. They keep an eye on where they want to be six months from now, a year from now, five years from now. They plan for success because they expect it, and they want to take full advantage when it comes.

Susan Penner Business Solutions frees you from the tyranny of the books, and delivers powerful financial information and strategic advice that empowers you to concentrate on the real work, and bring it to new levels.

That’s actually quite rare. The hard realities of daily business make it all too easy for even the most dedicated entrepreneurs to stray from the game plane. It’s easy to get caught in the quagmire of endless overwork, to get buried in the details, to lose sight of the horizon, and to forget why you went off chasing your dream. This can ultimately kill a business that would otherwise thrive and grow.

The single most common and dangerous pitfall for an entrepreneur lies in handling — or mishandling — the books. Some business owners are intimidated by the complexity, or just plain scared of what the real financial facts might be. They ignore the books, or their “books” are a shoebox of receipts they will take to somebody at some point to straighten out at great expense. Others take on the books thought they don’t have the time or talent for the numbers. For those entrepreneurs, keeping up with the books takes up so much time that the business suffers, they suffer, and the numbers don’t come out right anyways.

With that freedom and that information, you can stay creative, remain faithful to your core mission, and keep your eyes on the horizon where they should be. That leads to success and growth.

You can be that disciplined entrepreneur, sticking to the work you love, with your eyes on the horizon. Get out from under the weight of the books, empower yourself with valuable financial information, and take your business strategy by the horns.

The first part of the solution is comprehensive bookkeeping services.

Susan Penner Business Solutions can take care of everything: recording income and expenses, managing payroll, handling accounts payable and receivable, paying bills, balancing your accounts, estimating future costs, and delivering the fact-checked information on-time to your accountant before tax time. Susan Penner Business Solution can take care of what keeps you up at night.

The next part of the solution is the delivery of reliable, easy-to-understand financial information.

Susan Penner Business Solutions delivers accurate, regular, easily understandable financial reports that describe your financial situation and outlook. She does not make judgments; she simply delivers informative, insightful data. Often, the financial outlook is much brighter and more manageable than many business owners suspect.

Finally, Susan Penner Business Solutions offers a suite of strategic services designed the help businesses grow thoughtfully.

These are strategic recommendations based on insights developed during the process of closely watching and documenting financial performance. Through that knowledge, Susan Penner Business Solutions can offer some remarkably insightful recommendations for continuous improvement.

Start learning from your books today.

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